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Motor Max Speed - Longo - ECHO1

Motor Max Speed - Longo - ECHO1
Motor Max Speed - Longo - ECHO1

Outros produtos: ECHO 1

Código do produto: 12460

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Descrição do produto

The Echo1 Max Speed motor is a breakthrough product for the AEG airsoft gun industry. Promising faster rotations and greater torque in one package, this new motor will take your high powered Automatic Electric Gun to the next level! 
For those of you who seek for ultra-high rate of fire performance, Echo 1 has the answer, with the release of this Max Speed motor which surpasses the current performance of the Marui EG1000. This performance can be attained in conjunction with a 9.6v 2400mah battery and standard ratio gear set. The Max Speed motor trades speed for torque, and therefore can only be used in gearboxes with springs that are rated M100 or less.